RBA 2011

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    Автор: Сергей Данов, РТС RTS is the leading derivatives exchange in Eastern Europe.
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  2. Conflict Gold – The Threat to the Market and the LBMA Response

    Автор: Stewart Murray Conflict Gold Regulation – Does it matter?
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  3. Precious Metals – Update

    Автор: Jonathan Spall It’s Come A Long Way
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  4. Platinum and Palladium

    Автор: David Jollie Recovery from the lows has been strong with platinum and palladium initially outperforming gold. Recently, however, gold has taken a lead on "risk aversion” or worries over inflation. This has clearly helped drive the other metal prices higher but we have seen divergent performance between gold and the pgms in the last few months and we have also seen palladium outperforming platinum for much of this period.
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  5. Gold Outlook

    Автор: Edel Tully More of the same drivers in 2012: high volatility and elevated cross-asset correlations, continued uncertainty on sovereign stress, and doubts about sustainability of global recovery Eurozone sovereign crisis to get worse, before it gets better.
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  6. ГЛОБАЛЬНОЕ ЗОЛОТО: всё по традиции

    Автор: Николай Кащеев, Начальник аналитического отдела СБРФ Беспрецедентно устойчивый и мощный рост цены золота в течение >10 лет является свидетельством последней фазы кредитного суперцикла и констатацией высокой степени макроэкономической неопредленности в результате окончания длительной экономической парадигмы: роста, основанного на кредите. Это – свидетельство болезни глобальной экономики.
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