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Стоит ли прикупить платину??


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Вот что думают МИЦУИ:Within the reality of such deep troubles across financial markets, an outside observer looking at the latest CFTC exchange numbers may be forgiven for thinking that the gold market is largely unresponsive to the financial meltdown. While exchange activity was mute as the change in the net long figure suggests, ETF buying added considerable momentum to the yellow metal. Nonetheless, October is so far proving to a nervous month for investors and holders of gold. Despite the near daily escalation in banking sector woes, ETF investors started their selling shake-out on Friday. Given how quickly the gold market reversed its negative sentiment in early September and the pace of both exchange and ETF buying over the last 2 weeks, there is a very real danger than gold could now stage an equal and opposite re-run of this September price action. Should this occur, then gold’s safe haven status will once again be called into question. As we saw in July and August, the physical market is extremely willing to enter from the buy side and while demand from this sector has tapered back in recent weeks, this player should provide another important price floor if the metal tumbles below $800. Yes, gold certainly has the ability to travel significantly higher in the current financial environment; however a considerably stronger US dollar and a weak crude price will apply the brakes on any rally attempts. Therefore, so long as these factors remain in place, gold weakness (in dollar terms, unlike gold denominated in other currencies where the metal is holding reasonably strong) will persevere.In percentage terms, silver suffered its worst bout of liquidation since the week of the 12th August. The confirmation of the $700 billion Fed bailout offered little respite to the white metal, and the heavy tone in the market suggests that a test of $10.50 is looming. The gold / silver ratio has moved sharply higher today to 75.5 as silver stubbornly underperforms relative to gold. While some may point to this as a buying opportunity, silver’s dual role as both an industrial and investment asset lends a stern note of caution to the metal’s short term path. So far, ETF liquidation has not emerged. However, with so many of these holders sitting on out of the money positions, it is likely that such holders are just biding their time on the sidelines. As platinum fell below $1,000 last week, the platinum / gold ratio is on the receiving end of renewed attention among traders and investors. With platinum largely viewed as an opportune buy (for those who still believe in the metal’s fundamental story), the argument of “go long platinum, short gold” is gaining some energy as the danger of an investor walk-out opening the floodgates to further pressure in the yellow metal looms. The general public on TOCOM certainly have not operated with this strategy in mind of late. Following overnight trading, the long exposure of this group stands at just 95,777 oz. This is a far cry from the high of 616,299 oz in mid July and marks a 19 month low. Most importantly, this negative sentiment was not replicated throughout all of Asia, and in China, platinum turnover on the Shanghai Gold Exchange reached extraordinarily high levels of 27,700 oz overnight. Reuter’s data extends back to early 2006 for this contract, and Monday’s turnover is the highest ever recorded. This figure is most unusual, particularly since today was the first day of trading on the exchange following Golden Week which typically corresponds to very tame physical demand. The degree to which physical players have emerged overnight suggests that a massive appetite for metal is evident at current prices. Therefore, should this momentum continue, it will most likely compensate for any further selling from the TOCOM general public. Therefore, this is an important indicator, and should be watched closely this week. In the wake of the sharp breakdown in precious metal prices towards the close of last week, it is fair to say that palladium is holding up in this commodity glut. Following a $50 price drop last week, surprisingly the change in the net long exchange position was positive, albeit a small positive. While open interest was lower, the largely unresponsive nature of CFTC positions suggests that most of the selling action took place in the OTC market. The pace with which September U.S. auto sales plummeted added a depressed tone to the platinum group metals, however it was certainly platinum which bore the brunt of this demand slippage despite palladium being the metal that is consumed in far greater volumes in this market. September’s auto numbers were expected to be poor, particularly after the huge raft of incentives that were unleashed to boost Augusts sales figures, nonetheless the tempo of the continuing downward spiral is very worrying. A significant degree of support lies around the $200 area; however platinum needs to stage a significant U-turn to install a palladium push back towards $250.

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Цена на платину 850!!! Может купить?? У кого какие мнения?? :)

Трише заявил,что в Вашингтоне все валюты будут привязаны к золоту.Цены поднимутся в 2-3раза.Бегом скупать золотишко!
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  • Маэстро

В марте статистически повыше бывает. Если нефть через пару дней развернется- пойдем выше.

значит платину с палладием держать при росте нефти, а золотишко с серебром сокращать?
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Почему. Все металлы драгоценные. У палладия хорошие перспективы. Безусловно цены высоковаты для февраля и практически нет спроса на физический металл. Половину можно продавать.

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